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    Elmendorf AFB, AK - Educational Services

    The Education Center at Elmendorf Air Force Base is located at 4109 Bullard Avenue, Suite 233. The center offers college testing facilities for such exams as the CLEP, DANTES, ACT and SAT. The Education center at Elmendorf Air Force Base offers career counseling and help with tuition fees and financial aid. For more information about undergraduate and graduate programs through local colleges, call 907-552-3164 or DSN 317-552-3164.

    The Elmendorf Base Training and Services Flight, located at 4109 Bullard Ave., can help plan many of your educational needs, from high school completion to graduate programs at the master92s degree level. A dedicated team of professionals assists all members of the Elmendorf community in taking full advantage of opportunities, whether it92s for continuing education development or job-related military training opportunities. Undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available on base through the Community College of the Air Force, the University of Alaska, Wayland Baptist University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Central Texas College. In addition, counseling is available for commissioning programs and college degree programs. Information on the Tuition Assistance (TA) program and Spouse Tuition Assistance Program (STAP) is also available. Voluntary testing, to include SAT college entry exams, CLEP and DANTES testing, PME exams and information on the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) are some additional things the education center can help you with. For more information, call the Education Office at 552-3164, e-mail edoffice@elmendorf.af.mil or stop by.


    Elmendorf Education Office

    There are NO DODDS schools on the base. The schools on base are operated by the Anchorage School District. The Elmendorf AFB Education Office mission is to deliver a myriad of Education and Training opportunities to all military (Active, Reserve, and Guard), DOD civilians, dependents and retirees in the local area. Available programs run the spectrum from high school diploma completion, enlisted apprentice to superintendent administration, and graduate curriculums. Other opportunities include: Community College of the Air Force degree program for military personnel and job-related education and training.

    School Liaison

    The Military Child Education Program was established to assist military personnel and/or their families with information and resources intended to ease the transition of dependent children from one duty location to the next and to:

    Advocate for the educational needs of military children and will assist Airmen/Soldiers and families with information and referral regarding local school districts and other educational options including home schooling, private schools, charter schools, and cyber/virtual schools
    Ensure school personnel (classroom teachers, guidance counselors and senior school officials) are aware of the unique issues impacting military children (e.g., deployments, frequent moves, etc)
    Monitor any significant changes in dependent school demographics that may affect Federal funding formulas to local education agencies
    Assist personnel and/or families resolve problems that were not solved after using the school chain of command
    Assess needs and provide continuing work/life services
    Provide information on Elmendorf92s Partnership In Education Program (volunteering in local schools during duty) ---making a difference!
    Alaska is member of Interstate Compact---recognizes transition and deployment related issues
    The school liaison can be reached by calling 907-552-4521.

    Public School

    Anchorage School District

    The Anchorage School District has a wide variety of programs and schools that serve our 50,029 students.

    60 Elementary schools
    9 Middle schools
    1 Middle/High school combination
    6 High schools
    1 K-12 school
    1 Vocational school
    7 Specialized programs and schools
    5 Charter schools

    Anchorage School District Registration

    Registration is normally in mid August at the school your children will attend, generally the school closest to your home. Elementary and secondary registration and course selection are published in the newspaper and Anchorage School District web site prior to the start of school.

    Military Dependents Enrollment/Registration

    To enroll, students must present an immunization record showing vaccination for rubella, tetanus, whooping-cough, diphtheria, polio, measles, mumps, and hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Children without records or awaiting their arrival must receive one dose of the required immunization to be admitted to school. A signed physician's statement is required if there are medical reasons why the child cannot be vaccinated. Physical examinations are required for kindergartners. The district provides a form for parents to take to their health care provider. New to district students in grades 1-12 receive health screening by the school nurse.

    Students should have current copies of their records and other information that will help in class placement. The school will send for official transcripts after the student is registered.

    The base hospital usually announces when they will be performing school physical examinations in the base paper in July and August prior to school starting.

    Anchorage School District Age Requirements

    Kindergarten = 5 yrs old before 15 August
    First grade = 6 yrs old before 15 August
    Food Service

    A school lunch program is offered at every school in the Anchorage School District. A breakfast program is offered at selected schools. There is a free & reduced program for children K-8 who need assistance. The proper forms must be submitted to Student Nutrition Services where they are reviewed. Upon approval, students can have their meals free, or at a reduced cost.

    Before and After School Activities

    After school activities vary by school.

    Choices in Education in the Anchorage School District

    Parents and students have many educational options within the Anchorage School District. The district offers the options below because each student is important, and the instructional method that is the best for one child may not be the best for another.

    Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District

    Neighborhood Schools

    Neighborhood schools provide the standard school program, and most students will do well in this setting. The standard program provides flexibility within a structured environment. Teaching is primarily through traditional methods of direct instruction, hands-on and participatory activities, homework assignments and research.

    Alternative Schools and Programs

    Alternative schools and programs offer the standard curriculum, but use teaching methods that can be more teacher directed on one end of the scale and more student directed on the other end. Teaching materials may be specialized to the type of program. Alternatives are offered within some standard schools and also in separate schools. Some alternative programs are available to students with referrals, others have no qualification requirements.

    Charter Schools

    Charter schools are non-sectarian, public schools that operate within the district under contract with the school board. Any person, group or organization may apply to the school board to operate a charter school. Charter schools offer alternative teaching methods or curriculum, including home schooling, and more independence than regular public schools.

    Special Education Services

    Special education services are available to students from ages 3 through 21 who experience disabilities.

    Private School

    Many good private schools are available in the Anchorage area. Most private schools have a religious affiliation or relationship. Tuition depends upon the school, grade attending, and whether books, fees, etc are included in the comprehensive fee. Private schools are required to provide a program of instruction equivalent to the minimum standards established by the state. With the schools constantly changing their tuition and other fees, and sometimes changing their characteristics, it is our goal to provide only basic information about a sampling of the private schools in the area